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Internal Audit

Internal Audit is the set of procedures for measuring internal controls of an organization, with the objective of better guaranteeing the quality and security of accounting information, as well as regulatory information relevant to the business.

Through its work activities, it serves the administration as a means of identifying whether the internal processes and policies defined by the company, as well as accounting and internal control systems, are being effectively followed and that the transactions carried out are reflected in the accounts in accordance with the criteria previously defined.

It is an activity designed to observe, inquire, question, check and propose changes and procedures, with the purpose of evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of operational and financial controls and mitigating business risks.

Who does it apply to?


Internal audit (AI) strengthens corporate governance and the company's operation through risk-based audits that provide assessment and knowledge about the processes and structures that lead the organization to success.

Internal Audit

Operational, financial and compliance risks

New technologies

business strategy

Rules and Regulations

The concept of technological innovation is quite broad and may involve not only investments in the creation of new products, but also improvements in production processes.

We work together with a team of engineers specialized in identifying and measuring this type of investment. Our work is divided into 4 steps:


The Three Lines of Defense

Management Controls

Internal Control Measures

Financial control


Risk management






High admnistration

Governance Body/Board/Audit Committee

Source: IIA Brazil – The three lines of defense in the effective management of internal control



Formal quality assessments prepared regularly to identify opportunities for improvement.

There is a good relationship with stakeholders and they are satisfied with the service provided (expectation x performance).

Data analytics are also employed providing testing efficiency through automation.

Audit methodology and processes are standardized and simplified to be cost-effective.

Stakeholders view AI as excellent from an operational standpoint and, where appropriate, as a provider of strategic support.

There is an appropriate mix of experts on the internal audit team for specific topics.

The Audit Plan was prepared with a focus on Risk and is continuously updated.

Expectations are clearly aligned and communicated with the business areas.


How can we help?

Our internal audit expertise can add value by providing guidance and consulting services aimed at improving operational and governance processes, risk management and control, as long as internal audit does not assume management responsibilities.

This is vital to maintaining internal audit objectivity and avoiding conflicts of interest.

The choice of the types of audits or services to be performed should be based on the authority, maturity and purpose of the audit activity, as well as the organization's needs and problems.

We independently assess the internal audit function, analyzing compliance with the Internal Auditors Institute's standards and market practices, as well as assisting in the implementation of the internal audit area in organizations.

We carry out training for the internal audit team, as well as mapping and optimizing business processes, identifying risks and other advisory services, so that we can deliver added value to the company as a whole.



If your company does not have an internal audit area, or already has an area but you want to reduce costs and increase independence, you can choose to hire MCS Markup to be your internal audit area.

We provide full internal audit outsourced services – from risk assessment, creation of audit plans, fieldwork execution and reporting.

Your company has an internal audit area, however, it does not have enough staff to carry out the functions assigned to the area or it needs specific expertise or help with methodologies.

This option is ideal as MCS Markup can coordinate and execute the work together with your company.


Staff Loan

Your company already has a well-structured internal audit area and only needs a temporary specialized professional for a given project or demand.

MCS Markup has a team of auditors that can allocate to your company at an hourly rate, eliminating hiring costs and other labor costs and risks for your company.

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