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External Audit and Accounting Consulting

MCS Markup has in its technical staff excellent accountants and auditors ready to assist your company with analysis/accounting consultancy or provision of independent audit services, whether due to legal requirements, external demands or internal compliance services.

Independent audit of financial statements

Accounting and Tax Diagnosis

Preparation of financial statements

Appraisal Reports (at book value and market value)

opening balance survey

Implementation of new accounting standards


Nowadays, it's not just big companies that need an external auditor. In addition to laws and regulations requiring certain types of audits according to each industry, more than ever family businesses and smaller organizations are seeing the value of hiring an external auditor.

An audit goes beyond validating your accounting books or your financial situation. It can provide you with many other benefits.

The independence and credibility of an experienced external auditor can help you to have a better view of your business results and assist in the effectiveness and improvement of your internal processes and controls.


A high-quality audit can help prevent potentially catastrophic issues such as fraud, abuse, or non-compliance with government regulations.


Failure to adhere to accounting and tax rules can result in fines and legal requirements.


An audited balance sheet gives greater credibility to banks and investors, and can increase their market value or help to get better conditions in financing or credit.










Our Mission is clear!
Deliver very high quality and efficiency to our customers.
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