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Often, jobs in the dispute area involve aspects related to finance, accounting, legal and engineering. However, due to the technical particularities involving each of the areas, the process of carrying out the work often loses in efficiency and synergy due to the existence of “blind spots”.

In practice, accounting, finance and legal professionals do not communicate sufficiently as a natural consequence of this “communication failure”, increasing the chances of not meeting the expectations of the Court or the client.

Where Does MCS Markup Differentiate?

As most of our executives are accountants and are also lawyers, engineers and economists, communication between the different areas occurs in a fluid and integrated manner.


We are legally registered as independent auditors with the Brazilian Securities Commission - CVM


We have experience in engineering disputes, acting interdependently with the court expert or technical assistant of the party


The majority of our leading executives have an average seniority of 20 years in Big4 companies and have worked for many years as partners, directors and managers in the largest auditing company in the world (PwC)


We currently have the support of 170 talents in 4 (four) Brazilian states. Consequently, we are prepared to meet demands at the national level


Ricardo Delarue

Engineering Consulting

  (21) 97009-2175

Ricardo has 38 years of experience as an engineer, having been active in disputes since 2005, from the preparation or protection of claims, to participation in Arbitration, Dispute Boards and Mediations.

He has worked in 17 countries and has extensive experience in schedule forensics and direct resource efficiency.

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