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Assessoria na transação de Due Diligence

Assistance in the Due Diligence transaction

reunião de negócios
reunião de negócios

Due diligence for financial or strategic investors or buyers;


Sell ​​side due diligence / diagnosis for shareholders, quotaholders and management;


Identification and estimation of tax, labor and social security risks;


Preparation and/or validation of cash flow;

Closing balance procedures;


Procedures for determining opening balance balances - open balance.

Auditoria Externa Consultoria Contábil

External Auditing Accounting Consulting

Registered with CVM as independent auditors;

Issuance of valuation reports (accounting and fair value);


Preparation of financial statements;

Preparation of “opening balance sheets”;

Consulting in the implementation of new accounting standards (CPC/IFRS);


Conducting "In Company" Training.

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Internal Audit

Revisando relatórios na mesa
Analista financeiro

Elaboration and execution of the Internal Audit Plan;


Implementation of Compliance Program (anti-bribery and anti-corruption);

Compliance Program Audit;


Audit of the R&D Program and Project Management (ANEEL);


Compliance auditing (internal policies, regulatory bodies, laws);


Various audits (contracts, goals, savings, etc);


Physical inventory.

BPO (Accounting | Tax | Payroll)

Outsourcing of Accounting, Tax, Payroll and Finance activities;


Adapted to the reality of each client;


Specialized professionals;

Team with exclusive or partial dedication;

Use of the customer's or own ERP;


Use of robotic process automation tools (RPAs).

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Auditoria Interna

Tax Consulting

Preenchendo o formulário fiscal
Homens com calculadora

Diagnosis and tax planning;


Direct and indirect taxes;


Survey of federal tax credits;


ICMS and ICMS-ST recovery;


Specialists in technological innovation (Lei do Bem);


Tax / corporate planning;


Transfer Pricing Calculation.

Consultoria Tributária

Tax Structuring, Model and "SPA" review

Review of tax impacts on the corporate structure of the acquisition;

Review of accounting and tax impacts on the financial model;

Review of accounting, financial and tax clauses in the SPA – Share Purchase Agreement.

Contador no trabalho

Corporate Finance

reunião de negócios
Revisando relatórios na mesa

Companies rating:

  • Valuing assets, equity interests and for the purpose of trading companies, seeking to measure market value.

Economic and financial studies and reports:

  • PPA Reports (Purchase Price Allocation);

  • impairment;

  • Spin-off / Incorporation.

Pre M&A:

  • Financial structuring for future corporate negotiation.

Risk management

Process mapping (as is);


Process redesign (to be) and process implementation;

Preparation of a Risk and Control Matrix;


Diagnosis of business and IT processes;


Elaboration of Policies, Norms and Procedures;

Understanding and evaluation of general IT controls (ITGC);


Diagnosis/implementation of SoD (Segregation of Duties);

Data interface validation;

Integrity validation and/or mass data recalculation (CAAT).

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Recovery of pension credits


In the years 2019 and 2020, we observed changes in the understanding of the INSS tax base:

New Federal Revenue Positions;

Final positions of higher courts on the subject;

Our work consists of a complete review of the entire INSS calculation of the last 60 months to survey all opportunities not used by the Company;

Submission of a sheet summary and a GFIP;

Initial estimation of opportunities with presentation of the technical background;

Definition of which opportunities will be taken advantage of;

Rectifies the SEFIP employee by employee, month by month and performs PerdComps.

Post-Acquisition Service - Post Deal

Advice for post-acquisition integration;

Preparation of a 100-day plan;

Assistance in mitigating risks identified during due diligence;


Identification of post-acquisition opportunities and synergies.

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Finanças Corporativas
Gestão de Risco
Recuperação de créditos previdenciários
Serviço de Pós-aquisição - Post Deal
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