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  • Recovery of approximately R$: 500 million PIS and COFINS credits in large telecommunications companies;

  • Restatement of the calculation and ancillary declarations of the last 60 months of all federal taxes of a large company in the distribution segment;

  • Survey of IRPJ benefits due to the application of the “Lei do Bem” in companies from various segments such as Grupo Sotreq, Coorning and Autoglass.

Success Cases in

BPO (Accounting / Tax / Payroll)

  • Complete outsourcing of a group of companies including industry, logistics and agribusiness;

  • We implemented the accounting, fiscal and financial modules of a new ERP, fully integrating the operation of a large industry;

  • We redid the calculation of all federal taxes for the last 5 years, resulting in the recovery of more than R$: 5 million in tax credits;

  • We create and document the closing schedule including different areas of the Companies for all our clients.

Banner site mcs.png
  • Auditing of Eleva Group's educational institutions;

  • Audit of PPSA – Brasil Petróleo;

  • Appraisal Reports for the Icatu Group;

  • Opening balances for more than 30 clinics over 5 years of providing services to a multinational in the health area;

  • Preparation of financial statements for Ball Corporation (formerly Rexam);

  • Accounting consultancy for the IRB – Reinsurance Institute of Brazil.

Quais são as etapas do processo seletivo?

Quais são as etapas do processo seletivo?

Quais são as etapas do processo seletivo?


  • Due Diligence in companies from different segments such as Supermarkets, Technology, Logistics, Health and Education ;

  • Valuation Reports at fair value of complex transactions;

  • Valuation and PPA (Purchase price allocation) of companies of different sizes and sectors.


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Perguntas Frequentes:

  • Process mapping and improvement of internal controls of the entire storage process of a large company in the textile segment;

  • Outsourcing of the internal audit of two publicly-held companies;

  • Redesign of the service provider billing process for the Telecom segment.

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